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We believe in what we offer because we want to live well

The principles that have guided our activity come from our way of life in the country, the way of abandon, at least in part, the deep gap between man and nature, nature and man interlocking, synthesis and union , man and his origins, that the frenzy of modern life has produced.Man and in particular the child has completely lost the genuine contact with life in the countryside, the natural rhythms of rural life, the interlocking with animals and nature…and thereby with the original beauty of life. We do not want to emulate the hypocrisy of those who criminalises the good things produced by the system. Combining together the words luxury and modest cost, technology and nature, comfort and sweat, may seem contradictory to many: but not for us!

We have realized our dream !

Hence the desire to let you live the experience that we live daily with the presumption to be for a while your adviser!.

Di Dionisio Ornella
Bed & Breakfast
Di Dionisio Ornella
Località SUSANS n. 107 33030 MAJANO (UDINE)
Tel. 0432/958100 – Fax 0432/575320
P.I.: 02339600302
C.F.: DDNRLL67T61A515B


Tel. 0432/958100 – Fax 0432/575320
C.F.: DDNRLL67T61A515B




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