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protagonist of the Oasi in Fagagna, the white stork has become the symbol of the Oasi since the this area of "Quadris" with its humid and particular characteristics has been chosen as observation points for the reintroduction of the white stork in Italy.
Not to mention the interesting Museo Cjase Cicel a museum portraying the farmer's life
The small Cornino Lake regional Nature embrace a territory where for the last twenty years an international project for the conservation of the griffon-vulture has been developed. A visit along the emerald green lake is a must.
San Daniele Del Friuli
The city of San Daniele is considered the cultural gems of Friuli. Nestled on a hill, San Daniele is a town of stunning beauty , with its boundless panoramas over an expanse of gentle hills: from here you enjoys views right across the surrounded morainic hills. .San Daniele is known worldwide for its production of unique-tasting prosciutto , but this gems also boats one of the most valuable libraries in Italy, la Biblioteca Guarneriana. A visit to the Chiesetta di Sant'Antonio Abate, displaying the most beautiful cycle of frescoes by Pellegrino da San Daniele is a must .
These are just some of the treasure found in the home of san Daneile del Friuli , ham where the unique micro-climate is one of the most important factors of this production. (prosciutto), This environment will capture you with a rich variety of traditional dishes of Friuli: cheeses, cottage cheese, frico, risotto, gnocchi and natural soups.
Muris Mountain
  An exciting itinerary, easy to reach. From the top of its hill (500 meters) the human eye embraces the below Tagliamento till the Lake of Ragogna, the morainic Amphitheatre of Friuli to the lagoon and the sea. Don't miss a visit in the Museo Archeo-Naturalistico of Ragogna (Museo) . Zuc di Scharamont :an interesting historical archaeological itinerary above the village of Forgaria
Zuc di Schiaramont
  Tour of historical and archaeological place above the village of Forgaria.
The Church of S. Giovanni di Gerusalemme
the original twelfth century church, lies along the most popular German street in S. Tommaso di Maiano; it offers frescoes of Nicolutto da Gemona and other sixteenth-century paintings. The church preserves ruins of the ancient hospice of the pilgrims that from the north went to Rome or to the Holy Sepulchre. A walk back through history
S. Margherita del Gruagno
  an interesting Pre-Roman origin village: it is also worth a visit
Picture-Gallery Majanese
  the town hall, recently restored, gives hospitality to the Picture gallery of Majano.
The mummies of Venzone
Venzone is one of the most beautiful historic town and symbol of the region rebirth after the earthquake. Take a stroll along the medieval town where you can admire the Cathedral, the crypt of the chapel of San Michele in which there ere preserved the famous mummies of Venzone, the Manson and Radiussi.

These pages are not certainly exhaustive, ask us for more information, we are pleased to assist you. Many locations are accessible on foot or by bicycle. Others can be easily reached by car.

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