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Before being the inimitable ham, San Daniele is a place: a magical place located just a few steps from the pre-Alps, lapped by the river Tagliamento. Here in Friuli, the Prosciutto of San Daniele has found its ideal environment and best micro climatic – conditions. Let we discover the history and the path starting form the Celts, going through the Romans ..till to our days. We can learn the value, the nutritional quality and the manufacturing sector that makes it unique treasure of our tradition.

The Castles


Near the Castle more ... a few hundred meters

The aspect and architecture of Susans Castle is the same as it was in 1636, when Count Fabrizio di Colloredo, raised and educated in Tuscany at the court of Ferdinand I, decided to build over the medieval ruins, a spectacular Medici- Style residence.
This stately “Villa Toscana “ gives undoubtedly lustre to one of the most beautiful area in Friuli. The castle was inhabited until the end of I World War by the Family of Colloredo, so for over three centuries. The earthquake of 1976 caused considerable damage to the complex, but without destroying it , thanks to its particular structure and thickness of the walls. The plant regularly reinforced at the corners by the four towers, had an anti- seismic effect.
Renovated and restored to its former glory, the castle offers spaces with different rooms, furnished with, paintings and prints, which make it particularly suitable for meetings, weddings, banquets and special events. The backdrop is unique: from the top of the hill it dominates, with a 360 ° view, the whole Friuli. The external landscape combines elegant architecture with the warm atmosphere of its rooms.All areas of the castle have been furnished with particular care creating exclusive suites.
The classical and solemn atmosphere that pervades the castle creates an atmosphere of great charm!

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